A Knitters Dream Shop in Need of a "Digital Facelift"!

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Michigan Fine Yarns

I had the privilege of working with local yarn MEGA shop, Michigan Fine Yarns (MFY) based in Livonia, MI. I'm not exaggerating on the term "mega" either... one step into this place and you'll see why! The second I walked into the shop (after being greeted by the sweetest little white rescue dog, Bruno) I was instantly captured with the most enormous selection of colors, patterns and textures of yarn that I had ever seen! Among the rainbow of yarns and throughout the shop, sits several tables full of focused students completely "hands on" and immersed in the teachings of the latest class project. The energy is nothing but uplifting and empowering to watch; you can't help but feel like you're somehow a part of it no matter who you are.

On any given day you're also sure to run into the owner herself, Swaran as she floats through the shop tending to her passion in yarn and in her customers. And once you learn that all of this has been inspired by her late Mother and fine knitter herself... you'll really start to put light on the truly important things in life!

With this all being said, Michigan Fine Yarns needed a way to capture these emotions and experiences of the shop, digitally to allow more people to become a part of what they call their "Fiber Family"! Their focus was to create more attention to the many classes and events held at the shop, and allow their customers to become more interactive with them online. I worked with the owner, staff and class teachers to give them a little "digital facelift" which included a variety of features.

Services included:

*On-site Photography Sessions

*24 Page Interactive Web Design (PC & Mobile)

*Multi-level Class Signup Portal

*Automation Throughout Site

The site went live with a hit and had INSTANT class and newsletter sign ups! Not to mention it also created a platform for the shop to highlight their classes and events on multiple levels of digital communication!

If you're ever in the area check out the shop, it's quite an experience! Or if you're in need of a gift for that crafty someone who has "everything" why not get them a gift certificate to sign up for a class!

Check out the website here:

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